Claudia Canavati – An Interview

Claudia Cavanati

Dream, and walk the walk of fame, if you dare…!
We love interviews. We delve into people minds, by dropping almost unconventional questions. We were touched by this young woman with her sweet smile. She was contacted through LinkedIn and agreed on a interview with LDC. Did she know about us, and our humor? Well, we came up with simple questions. First we did a research on her. Because, sometimes we don’t feel like asking silly questions, like… how old are you Claudia? Well, she did agree on revealing her age.

So you were born in Santillo, Coahuila…?
Hi Joseph, my name is Claudia Canavati, 25 years old TV host, from the northern area of México. And you are right, I’m from Saltillo, Coahuila.

What was your dream, as a child? I know many would love to hear from you…

Since I was a kid, I remember wanting to be a star. I used to stage my own little plays as a singer, actress or even a TV host. I don’t know, huh, maybe ’cause I got that special attention, the fact that I could be myself and show my abilities to everybody. My own reward was my own my big smile. Besides that, I have another passion…

Which is… cooking?
Well, that one I know for sure, but I love to dance!!

Now you tell us!
Well, thank you for not asking then. I love to dance since I was a kid, I actually can feel the music and I can express my emotions through it. I can’t stand life without music; is my therapy to feel that happiness from within. Above all, Oh gosh! I feel


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