Our Poetry From the Heart

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Listening to your song, “will always love you”

and saying Goodbye to Kevin Costner

is disheartening to know that you are gone

jumping on that plane with no return…

An scene so surreal takes me to the bathtub where you..

You didn’t have time to say goodbye to us

brokenhearted before Valentine’s

Sadly crying Cornelius depart

Your last breath was heard by us

trying to ask for forgiveness from the boss

a single tear rolling down your eyes

grasping the moment to…see if Bobbi will understand

failure and finally away from the limelight

People walking away from that voice that was…

Knowing that mistakes have a toll

meeting your final hours with a sad Joy

Unjust world that you met

being born in a place near Newark’s sunset

being myself next to you at that East Orange’s Church

Right across from Main Street, should I say more?

inheriting from Cissy mom’s Voice

being blessed by Dionne Warwick by choice

singing with love and conviction

Then with drama and desperation

Hotel five stars in Beverly hills they say

Luxury room and all we could please

lonely and betrayed by the one you loved

sad that your day was set before those awards

Have you left a message in disguise dear Super star?

We mourn on this day the lack of people’s heart

not loved enough when you were alive

brave enough to sing for the last time…

You will be that every woman in our heart

always singing and praising up to the sky

thanks for those years that we lived next to you

rest in peace precious soul…that was never understood!

Rest in peace Whitney..!

Did you reach for us..?


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