The Wounded Poem

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The Wounded Poem — The Piece Behind

The Pain

Enjoy this relaxing melody, thanks!

Source: Lord De Cross

Come on buddy! You can do it!

Painful but having the strength

to keep on writing to the very end

Stressing but mind tell us to write this piece

One keyboard stroke, two and… finally three

I can imagine the wounded at heart

I can conceive the pain from the very start

writing with just one unwounded hand

I try to feel the deepest pain of this world

palpitating wound that want me to quit writing right now

perplexed that I’m still writing without a single doubt

accidents that changed our daily routine of life

knowing that health cannot be overlooked, I might…

Mind over matter is what measure our unique courage

an author with his quill has so much at his own mind’s storage

almost in physical pain and not giving up writing with dedication

penning down with pleasure, because we are instilled with inspiration

Source: self

I can imagine the fallen in a real combat of a wicked world

I just kneel down thinking so many died just to keep us afloat

writing with my very hand in their name to the very end

carrying the message that our lives were not spare in vain

Just coming up with sensitive words that fall short

of the pain and sadness of this unfair world

capturing images of one way alley unequivocal ending

seeing people who kept true hope and love to their very last breathing

a sunny day out there as we expected yesterday

not really paying attention to a little pain, who cares..?

piano strokes, let imagination channelized through your chords

shooting myself to the moon and come back with the right words

Writing with a personal commitment

not even pain can’t stop us from creating…

the moment was there to write-through this “light”

time to reflex upon taken from granted every day life

time to rest our mind and the joy of writing with sheer delight…