Short Love Story–Ryan’s Hope finale

Three months Later Prague, Czech Republic Sunday Morning Service Czech Unitarian Church At Karlova 11 a.m. Alexis and Bertha are done with church service. We just found out that they were going to get married in two weeks (they don’t even warn the writer!). Did she have time to tell Ryan? Nope! Bertha’s parents drove and parked themselves for the next service Near Alexis’ car. Bertha’s parents missed the early service. Alexis and Bertha are is heading to his Citröen C5 turbo. Three, two, one, Action! Alex heard a deep whistling sound inside his ears. A shadowy and slightly “invisible energy” passed Bertha and him by. Was something bad going to happen? Same Time Bonn Germany Dowtown Mall Spanning across from the central Garden, we noticed a couple walking through this mall. It was Ryan and Sasha Shapova, a stunning Russian descendant female “friend,” who he was going out with, after Bertha broke his heart 12 weeks ago.–They don’t even have the decency to warn Joseph De Cross More… Short Love Story–Ryan’s Hope finale


Short Love Story–Ryan’s Hope and Where In The World Was Bertha

Falls Church Fairfax, Virginia The Present Ryan is 25 now. It’s been nine years since he said goodbye to Bertha at Dulles International Airport, Washington D.C. Her name was on his head all day. Today he will heading to Frankfurt Germany. You wonder why? In nine years so many things did happen: At 18 he joined the Armed forces, specifically the Air Force and made several tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. He was already a Senior Airman, and has been through so many casualties and consequential collateral damage during his career. Friends that he met at Lackland’s Airbase in San Antonio Texas were gone! Some died in Kabul and others were ambushed during several unexpected confrontations with the enemy. Dating? Disregard Ryan, over! When Ryan said bye to Bertha, he was expecting a call from her. But her own father made sure Ryan’s cell would disappear mysteriously by the time the made it to Prague. Bertha’s father was still upset with both incidental kissing nine years ago. In some way Ryan didn’t want to commit to any one else thinking, thinking Bertha might have given him a call, which never happened. Why Germany? Europe was small compared with the states. Czech Republic was near the eastern border from Germany. The Berlin wall fell in 1989 and that cold war was over, unless they never told us. Ryan would be sent to Ramstein Air Base, in the province of Rheinland-Pfalz. Almost a Miracle…? Short Love Story–Ryan’s Hope and Where In The World Was Bertha

If you Think Sofia Vergara is a hottie, then Cristina might be Next Cristina Hurtado was Born on September 14, 1983 in Copacabana, a suburb from Medellin-Colombia. Medellin was the Capital of the “unending and eternal spring.” Cristina had it rough from the beginning. Colombia was living through a identity crisis, after those powerful Cartels. Cristina, as many new young generations, grew up with an uncertain future. Government and many leftists, along with ultra right wing factions made life in Colombia almost unbearable. But life took a different course, and violence settled for a while.That’s when Colombians started to face their own reality. Modeling and clothing began to attract these attractive paisas (Medellin beauties) into the spotlight. Enter Cristina Hurtado “Criss” was already in her teens when her mother caught up with her hopes and ambitions as a young woman. Cristina knew she had to make her best moves, and thought of becoming a model. She started dreaming like … More.. Introducing Cristina Hurtado, a Colombian Beauty

Short Love Story–Until Next Time Sweetheart

Dulles International Airport Washington D.C. Ryan, a 16 years old teen, is saying goodbye to an “almost girlfriend” at this International Airport in Washington D.C. Her name is Bertha, a 17 years old girl from Prague, Czech Republic. She was in the States for over a year with her parents. They were scheduled to go back to their country today. Ryan made it on time to say goodbye, and quickly asked Bertha’s Parents to have at least five minutes with her: “Bertha, I just want to tell you how much I’m going to miss you and…” “Ryan, you… you helped me to improve my silly English and.. huh, I’m going to miss you so much!” “Is my first time I’m gonna miss a girl like you. I don’t understand it. Why you have to leave just like this?” “Ryan, Our Visa was granted for 18 months. I told you that, from the very beginning.” “My mom was right. I did mature with you Bertha. Even though you are older, I did grow… we got along so well..!” “I feel like crying too, Ryan, as I did all night. Never wanted to say goodbye to a ‘friend’ like you…” Bertha’s dad, Bohdan, a Chemical Engineer, came over and told Bertha in their own language that it “was time to say bye.” Passengers were already boarding the British Airways flight bound to London, and then heading to Prague after a four hours layover. More… Short Love Story–Until Next Time Sweetheart

Sultry poetry–Between the moon and those lips

Between the moon and those lips I feel the cadence of my song Between the moon and those hips I take my desires right into your hands Mixing an equalizing your fears come to you starting this rhythm within staring at your eyes..oh so dear Killing slowly my intentions that were mean…at first I take you with me to my emotional center stage measure up those hips again guitar in hand, feeling my own rage Not the slightest time to sigh in vain echoes of times gone pulse from my head down to my toes enough of calling your mom too late to think to jump from this boat MORE… Sultry poetry–Between the moon and those lips

Thomas Alva Edison — An Interview

West Orange New Jersey February 11, 2047 Today marks the 200th anniversary of Thomas Alva Edison death. Residents of Llewellyn Park, West Orange are having their 194th annual meeting to discuss the fate of the community which is usually held on every January 1st. Several landslides from the first range of the Watchung Mountains have caused damages to the eastern slope, causing erosion to the once lush and wooded area . A group of Scientists from MIT and the European Nuclear organization, CERN, convinced the residents, the National Park service and the Governor of New Jersey to use their latest retro DNA Analyser, an improved bio retro-scanner. Might seem like a modern version of “One step beyond” and the “twilight zone” combined, but our scientists have already tested the “bio-engineered device” with other distinguished 19th Century Scientists like Madame Curie and the Lumiere brothers. How Does it Work? A nano-gamma bio-algorithmic probe “scanned” through the remains, with family permission of course, and added a sequential theoretical psychosomatic “self” to data collected through centuries. However, and this is so important, search engines would fill the holes during sensitive period of times. This was just a simple explanation for the general public; we left aside the psychosomatic and psychological implications that were held within acceptable parameters. Fast Forward>>>More…. Thomas Alva Edison — An Interview

Grandmothers that Are Like Mothers, What would We do Without them?

Dedicated to the Mothers and Grand mothers from HP, You know who You Are!! Pulsing the Hubs. We’ve seen real grandmas commenting. Even though they might be busy, they come to join us. Take the case of Faith Reaper…. she is babysitting this weekend, but takes her time to be with us. Debbie brooks uploading her pictures to FB, before publishing her next installment, she makes sure she calls to check on her grand-kids. And sometimes she gets surprises, “Mom, my wife is pregnant again,” says her son. So life keeps its cycle, and we watch with joy on a virtual screen of life. Just look at our friend Becky Katz: busy as she can be. A Grandmother told me… I thought I was spoiling my kids, but my grand children? Oh my goodness… don’t get me started! The love from a grandmother becomes double reward on a reciprocal level. Just to let you know guys that this is being written from pure inspiration (angels? muses? God?). So whatever you read as follows is not even thought of… until we just keep on writing. Amazing huh? Grand mothers are really a blessing for everyone. From words like More.. Grandmothers that Are Like Mothers, What would We do Without them?

Surviving a Shooter-When Nothing is Left

b>The Moment You don’t Want to Face We are living hard times and we got to be ready for these type of incidents. Some psychopaths are not receiving enough attention and, as we predicted and said it before, violence will worsen our living by having our veterans with no jobs; or by pushing them into ominous low wage jobs, after serving their country? “Shoot!” You know you have seniority and those 6 weeks vacation to rub against these poor kids that were on foreign lands. These fellow citizens were trained to be cold and calculating persons, and literally able to kill “execution style” with no problem. What can we actually do when we are facing a killer with an AK-47 rifle that was sold legally? Well, almost nothing. More… Surviving a Shooter-When Nothing is Left

The Humanity In Us — From the very First Second of Life

Now You are Born… Start Breathing Please! Smack!! Is November the 5th, 1962. The time? 7:45 a.m. Mom was rushed to the hospital with no delay. Three days ago, I was told about that day….funny how all was revealed in a normal gathering with mom and family. 8:10 a.m. The nurses knew my mom was holding me inside until she gets on that stretcher, being literally rushed around the corner of that hallway. Coming to life around a corner? 8:15 a.m. As soon as my mom felt situated on that bed, she was told to breath and push with cyclical periods. Grandmother told mom the nightr before, “open your legs all the way and relax Mary.” More… The Humanity In Us — From the very First Second of Life

My Harp and Imagination Running Sharp

Waiting to Be Inspired… Wanted to write a piece of poetry and was kind of stuck with the words. Again? I said to myself I have to start writing something worth the read, and began to play with my stringed instrument, my single-action pedal harp that has been inherited from the Victorian times Sweetest girls would you please let me play the harp that can soothe my senses with no end Logging in into my account I start to get inspired I start commenting on a hub and feeling these strings through my mind Suddenly I realized I made a mistake I had commented on my own hub with my own content even voted up, pressed useful , interesting but funny Inspiration, inspiration, the day wan’st so sunny More…. My Harp and Imagination Running Sharp

Pulsing the World As We Went – The Irish, Scottish and English Version

Who Would’ve thought!! Immersing Ourselves into a Gaelic World! We landed at Dublin International Airport, courtesy of Ryanair( Irish: Aerfort Bhaile Átha Cliath) and found Page 3 Brainiest model Claire Tully. Back in 2008 she wanted to donate proceeding from her Topless Calendar to breast cancer research charities and was turned down. Eventually one organization took the cash offer in euros and made her feel felt better.– Thankfully the National Breast Cancer Research Institute Centre in Galway accepted her donation. Joseph: Claire, thanks for inviting us to jog along with you down Dublin and who knows… Maybe all the way to London! Claire: Not a problem Joseph. I read your first Jog along hub, and was laughing so hard!! Nell’s feeding really helped me to get in contact with you! You are really a comedian “mo chara!!” (Irish: my friend) Joseph: Which in Irish gaelic means..? Claire: Sure, means “mon cheri” or my friend. But just remember this: I’m a Corker, so you will know my own variations among the regional differences in our Irish provinces (Cúigí na hÉireann). Source: Warming up and then…ops! Oh God!! Please Claire!! You are not gonna go jogging with us like that? (Just kidding) Joseph, I read about that American puritanism and those Quakers… and I know what you wanted to tell me. But relax Joey, I was just getting ready to go out with you, and you never gave me time to put my jogging sweat pants on… ‘amaideach’ !(silly) I know, I know… gotta find out if HubPages is going to take your Irish pride all the way. You got that one? I guess it was a silly American joke! Oh!! Sorry mo chara! The only Mocha I know is the one from ‘Starbucks,’ Claire! But is already 6 a.m. Why don’t we go out and start jogging. What’s the name of the park you usually go to, my Irish beauty? “Ready for a night out, Joey mo chara?” Source: Herbert Park, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Dublin A couple in their late fifties approached us and kept jogging next to Claire and me. There we go again peeps! The old lady: So, young lad! is our Claire Tully your new Irish Girlfriend? Joseph : No ma’am. Do we look like an item or a cute couple? (maybe Claire never told us, huh?) The old lady: Well, here in Dublin getting a new girlfriend is like joining the army. You get a new haircut, new clothes and all information is given to you on a need to know basis. And our colors match the moment! Claire Tully: Oh my..! That was funny! Did you get it Joseph? Joseph: as long as this is a hub, and all is just my imagination, I think I’ve got it. I mean, I’m safe in my own creativity, Claire…! We just moved faster, and this time I didn’t kick that doggie to the curve…! Source: Scotland, “Scots Wha Hae!” ‘ Edinburgh, Next Morning  Bought a pair of tickets on the net and ended up on Edinburgh, the Capital of the ‘dark green.’ Claire wanted to study Biochemistry here but graduated from Trinity College back in Dublin. Claire Tully: You see now Joseph, blonds are not dumb at all! I gained a first class degree in Biochemistry from Trinity College in Dublin, and wanted to do research at our own disease control center, but modeling took so much time and energy! Joseph: Tammy Tamicic was right! No wonder I never did a ‘blonde joke’ for a long, long time! NewHaven Source: NewHaven Harbour, Edinburgh Scotland We knew we had to keep moving and enjoy the day in Rod Stewart’s lande. We were jogging toward Granton (west side of the harbour), when a young couple joined us at our own pace (as usual!). The Scotish Ginger haired lady: You guys should come with us an enjoy our own way of losing some pounds Me and Claire looked at each other, shrugged and agreed to follow this couple to a session of: Scottish Country Dancing?? Bristol, UK– John Cabot and the Concorde Sorry Cardiff! We know the Country of Wales was a wonderful place to visit, but this time we ended up in Bristol UK. The town of Brycgstow (Old English, “the place at the bridge) was a place we were supposed to visit in 2009, but things did change at the last minute. This time we were visiting Clifton, a few miles to the East. The accent had changed since we left Dublin. Even Claire had a hard time understanding This new Celtic. We decided to jog around the Main Cathedral Claire: Is not too bad to learn Bristolian Joseph Joseph : Yeah I’m an “Idut!” Claire: Mint in it! (is good, isn’t it?) Learning Bristolian?? Maybe…! After 10 laps, The Enemy Approached Us..! It was just a young girl in her early 20’s from this University of the West of England, formerly Bristol Polytechnic. She did see us earlier, but didn’t mind us. Then she came with a vengeance: Young UWE student: Ow bist!! (How are you!) You people are not from here right? Claire: No dear, I guess you are (turning that head with attitude). Why darling? Joseph: She is a nice looking Bristolian, Claire, stop it! Young UWE student: I want to apologize to both of you, my boyfriend and I caught you guys kissing each other. Does that mean you are boyfriend and girlfriend? Claire: Please Joseph!! Tell this B-I-T-C-H, to stop getting on MY nerves, will you? Joseph: Claire please, this is just a funny hub. Can’t you just smile for once? The UWE student’s boyfriend showed up and told her, “it was time to go.” But they took another picture of us with their cellphone, while leaving. Were we heading into breaking news hysteria Tamorra? (Tomorrow?) More… Pulsing the World As We Went – The Irish, Scottish and English Version


In 2006, we took a trip to Machu Picchu without much delay. Our 401k did the magic, and we took advantage of it. We took two weeks from work and we decided to visit this new world wonder. The new Footage is ours and we found it three days ago in one of our USB files. Come with us and experience this new world with your own eyes. Let’s see what we have… Here is our first video: is actually the day we departed from Cuzco-Peru to Lima. If you look carefully through the window from this 747, you will notice the complex mountain ranges called, “Andes .” The pilot announced first the temperature and weather conditions in Spanish From Cali-Colombia To Lima-Peru We spent over four weeks in Colombia; the weather was outrageously humid. Temperatures never came down from those sultry 89 degrees. We were relieved when we took the plane to Peru. The trip from Cali to Lima lasted 2 1/2 hours. The view was outstanding. The Andes are a Mountains system that became the backbone of South America. They formed during the Cretaceous period (about 138 million to about 65 million years ago). Lima-Peru We landed in Lima-Peru on November 16, 2006. This Capital Was founded by Conquistador Francisco Pizarro in 1535. The beaches were amazing. Yeah! Okay! Women too! Yes, Tammy! Yes Lathing! Yes Kelly U.! Yes Faith Reaper! Yes Maria Jordan! Yes Rubi and Rasma! Yes Martie! Yes Billy and Curiad! No Josh! More… Machu-Picchu-The-New-Wonder-of-The-World

Pulsing The World As We Go–Great Humor

Just imagine yourself jogging down your favorite park and on and off get in touch with real people in their own little world. Sometimes you get in touch with folks that catch up with you and your own pace and… out of nowhere they start talking to you. Honestly, this are some true stories that have been shared or told about. So, probably some people will laugh and others well, they will just move on to the next hub. But let’s see what we have for today… we never know! The Old Couple: “Hey Young man. Nice to see ya in here” “Thanks for calling me young, Mister…?” “I told you Mary Jane, he is already asking personal questions” And they literally stopped and showed me some face. More.. Pulsing The World As We Go

He Dumped Me with No Reason — Any Advice?

This question was read on a feed from another network. Seems that a lot of young couples are not really hitting it off as expected. Let’s see how can we help with our experience and certain common sense. This is mainly a hub for a young woman that needs some answers now. It can apply to a young fellow, but ‘he’ will have to decide which part of this article applies to him. Probably she is not going to trust her parents because they saw it coming and wouldn’t understand her heart completely; her social network friends either they are not taking her serious, or are minding their own business. What Should I Do? “Devastated and numbed… please!!” First of all if you are reading us: •You are devastated •You are clueless •You are insecure •You do not trust anyone anymore How do we know it? We are reading along with you… and the picture can be sad. Your parents or siblings told you, but you wanted to work things out. Being young and naive can take a toll on all of us. We were young, and we had to learn the hard way. More… He Dumped Me with No Reason — Any Advice?

Three Generations — One Heart

George Al-Tron 35 a Bio engineer from the future travelled back in time to discover and study his beginnings. He is already a humanoid whose heart is filled with a deeper love for his ancestors. The last cataclysm that destroyed planet earth 55 years before his birth, made him look into the past. He knew that technology was already available to delve into the origin of his own ‘semi-humanity.’ His main concern was to make contact with his great great great grandfather, Joseph D. Enter a “Total recall” scene where the three of us will join efforts and sequentially will share their love for family and thick bonding from the past, present and restless future. Join us to listen to three generations into a piece of poetry of their own: Zachary O’ Hanlon, 63 years old, who knew Woodrow Wilson, Frank Delano Roosevelt and both World wars. Joseph De Cross, 49 years old, Freelance Writer at HP, and a solid experience in financial and commercial printing. George Al-tron, 35, Bio-somatic Engineer, who did his best to get the family together… inside this Time Chamber within their interconnected minds More… Three Generations — One Heart

Hunger, Poverty and Homelessness — How Can We Help?

A response to Tammy’s plead on FB Was mowing the lawn today and ‘freaking’ scenes and visions came to me. Mentally I was told to write the following with no intention to make it short or long. Agreed! Why don’t we remind people to get rid of useless furniture or clothing with the sign, “from the 99% of struggling America, this is for free!” I said to myself, “yeah, makes sense. We should add, ‘if rich people don’t have time for us, then why we should kiss their asses?'” Not writing in particular order because we jot down things before inspiration leaves the building with Elvis. Another idea came while trimming our garage entrance. Free Flea Market and Exchange Make little postcards offering your service for a free flea market on your front yard. All can donate and bring stuff to your garage. The exchange would be for free, and neighbors would be able to exchange a word or two. You can rotate this Free Marketing asking who would be available for a next “excahnge.” The Elderly Elders and older Fellows are not popular on CNN. Unless they won that freaking Megamillion. Then McKayla Maroney would get mad again… for no getting the media attention. Ops! But babyboomer like us are already living a life of retirements… and hope? More Hunger, Poverty and Homelessness — How Can We Help?

Airplane Crashes — Flight 232/As though We Were There

Being lucky enough to have been on airplanes for the last 25 years or so, made us look into this flight 232. A four days study and research took us to that date. Here is the introduction: Flight 232 from United Airlines took off from Colorado on July 19, 1989 at 2:13 p.m. (14:13 p.m). Final destination was Philly, making a stop at O’hare International in Chicago. At about 3:15 p.m. flying above 36,500 feet, the structural strentgh was put to the test. A big jolt was felt a minute later. For the next 44 minutes passengers felt the worse experience of their lives. just picture the great adventure ride at Six flags. Engine two that is mounted on the back wing lost total functionality. Gathering enough information we wanted to experience the moment. There were 12% seats empty, so we decided to take a flight with them: Our assigned seat? First class: 5F In the Beginning… Stapleton International Airport Denver Colorado, 1:16 p.m. Was visiting a relative form the Airforce Base, and made it just in time to take my flight back home to Sioux City. Was a boring wednesday of that July 19, 1989. The airfare was not important, because my company chose first class even before I could make a choice. The weird thing was that… I felt as though I was in the wrong place. Don’t you just have sometimes that feeling? I just waited in line and the Check-in was done … More


If you ever seen this rover “Curiosity” landing on Mars on August 6, 2012, chances are you would discover the use of complex binary algorithms. Lets’ put it simply this way: the rover is already going down on Martian surface; last second decision making is handed by powerful computers, that put into practice that yes/no output. We as general public/viewers see it as a normal historical event, but behind all that awesomeness there is math, and logarithms for sure. Some young women forget about the math, and tweet this mohawk JPL Scientist: unbelievable! Just considered HubPages for a second. Those buttons for flagging, voting up/down are essentially handled by logarithmic formulae. There is an intrinsic association between logarithms and algorithms. The whole math involved in it can take us back to those flowcharts that involved commands like, If, go-to, loops and of course “start” and “end.” We are writing a more popular view of this torture of math. In real life we talk about getting input and delivering consequently and output. Let’s see what we have … more….. What The Heck is This Number “e”? If you ask Mark Zuckerberg, you will be asking about a God for him. Is a number he needed in his algorithmic ideas to start FaceBook. Silicon valley think of this number as magical, but what is it? e= 2.7182 Was named Euler’s constant in honor of Leonhard Euler (1707-1787), a Swiss Mathematician that loved his math like us. If you want a more accurate number here it is e=2.71828182845904523536028747135266249775724709369995 // More…Te-World-of-LogarithmsProblems-and-Applications The-World-of-LogarithmsProblems-and-Applications


Kids! The darndest things they wisely come up with!! If you are a teacher, then you know what we are talking about. We will never forget those days in grammar and middle school when life was easier. Actually, seems like it was the day before yesterday. Back then (1976) friends were cool and use to make clean jokes and silly pranks; nothing like getting mad for anything, not even closer to those kids from Columbine. Let’s share some joyful moments leaked from a retired school teacher. Well, let’s check some answer to a real test and how smart they were…! Karl, a middle school teacher handed the social studies questions to his students. The morning came for the ones who didn’t perform good enough in social studies and history. But let’s introduce “Marky.” This buddy of ours did not study, as usual, the weekend before — was going to call him “Joshy,” but thought Janine would leave a longer and hilarious comment. Marky was this 14 years old kid, who was more interested about listening (downloading for 2012) his favorite tune, and talking to his girlfriend on the phone (skipe?) than studying as he should’ve been More… Humor-Jokes-From-Real-Kids



Based on a true story. Voices, voices… so many choices…! Milenka, an East European teen of 17 years of age, was being forced to ‘see’ this old man in a hotel/motel on the outskirts of Reno Nevada. Disgusting old man, with some yellowish teeth. Yuck! It was a hot day for this August 2, 2012. She knocked the door on this trashy second floor motel. Ryan W., an old lawyer that has had connections with the local Mayor opened the door with that pedophile face. What is wrong with the picture? On the parking lot was waiting her “Guard” who was supposed to have her for a week. It was 7p.m. in Reno Nevada (Yes THOUGTH Thomas!) Still asking to our readers, what’s wrong with the picture? An Every Day Event In Our Beautiful Country Milenka got a student Visa and was promised a career as a model in Manhattan, New York City. The costs of her staying and a “promised dream” ended up at door number “691/2.” Source: Milenka Just turned 17 on this past 4th of July. You already may know that she left her country through this underground human trading, that was passed on since Genghis Khan times and his barbarians. Even Vikings stormed The British Isles and took their women, But eventually settled and mixed themselves with powerful Saxons through marriages and alliances. Back To Our Story. Milenka waited for the old (nasty) man who finally opened the door of that hell of a room. Wish we could’ve helped her, but demand was rampant, and money was always scarce for the dealers. “Hi there. You are…?” More…. Reality-in-Front-of-Her-Eyes