H.O.W Things Changed on Christmas day — An Autistic Poem

A Christmas baby for thee… A Christmas baby that didn’t want to be born mommy asked the Lord to be her first baby girl How I was supposed to know that I was going to be autistic from the start seeing lights, voices and not ready to answer them back Mommy wanted to cry when she found out I was a “he” nurses knew that postpartum denial can really kill dad was proud and wanted to put that baseball cap on me I knew I was focusing on things that were new to me, but… My angel Brothers… . My angel brothers said bye and they knew of my upcoming ordeal cherubs waved good bye and they were happy for what I felt I was going to belong to a new family on Christmas day, I see… Yeah, I was an angel way before mommy and dad chose me MORE….ON THIS LINK… H.O.W Things Changed on Christmas day — An Autistic Poem