H.O.W Things Changed on Christmas day — An Autistic Poem

A Christmas baby for thee… A Christmas baby that didn’t want to be born mommy asked the Lord to be her first baby girl How I was supposed to know that I was going to be autistic from the start seeing lights, voices and not ready to answer them back Mommy wanted to cry when she found out I was a “he” nurses knew that postpartum denial can really kill dad was proud and wanted to put that baseball cap on me I knew I was focusing on things that were new to me, but… My angel Brothers… . My angel brothers said bye and they knew of my upcoming ordeal cherubs waved good bye and they were happy for what I felt I was going to belong to a new family on Christmas day, I see… Yeah, I was an angel way before mommy and dad chose me MORE….ON THIS LINK… H.O.W Things Changed on Christmas day — An Autistic Poem


Sultry poetry–Between the moon and those lips

Between the moon and those lips I feel the cadence of my song Between the moon and those hips I take my desires right into your hands Mixing an equalizing your fears come to you starting this rhythm within staring at your eyes..oh so dear Killing slowly my intentions that were mean…at first I take you with me to my emotional center stage measure up those hips again guitar in hand, feeling my own rage Not the slightest time to sigh in vain echoes of times gone pulse from my head down to my toes enough of calling your mom too late to think to jump from this boat MORE… Sultry poetry–Between the moon and those lips