“The Second Time Around”

BOOKCOVERAn extract from our new Novel:


The fight between good and evil that started way before Cain and Abel confronted their own humanity. The second time around is a fictional story that could become a reality at any moment in our lives. An every day event that could put some forces into action for the peril of our own existence as a race.


Chapter 13:


The Present

The latest warning has been updated through the latest ALTA Web-bot Report. Chief Al Jones, 63, a veteran from Vietnam and Desert Storm, thinks this sounds crazy enough; he is willing to give it a shot and take a chance.. What’s going on in here? Software Engineer Specialist, Steve Van Holden, 34, claims that the latest security algorithms are ‘nothing to play with.’

This very same algorithm was used to prevent an earthquake in British Columbia two years ago, and now is being used thoroughly as part of the Homeland security anti terrorism software.   Two black sedan and another black ‘Cadillac escalade’ car pull over the parking lot in a hurry…is almost 4 a.m. Agent Mark Schrieffer gets out the car and through a teleprompter gets hold of Chief Jones. Six more agents come to him for further instructions.

A couple of coffees and crackers, bought quickly in downtown Newark, are good enough for the early morning wake up. Too early of an emergency call for most of these young officers.   “Chief, we are here now. Can you believe me if I say that My wife thought I was going to see that  other ‘insignificant woman?'”   “Mark, get ready, this seems to be a warning, Oh my!… a warning from hell!” says Jones with understandable concern and uneasiness. The computer screen comes up with a curious code: “m13″…


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